Dropping the Weight of Jealousy and Envy

There will always be people who will be better than you at things you’re good at. There will also be people who will be worse.

Don’t worry yourself with that.

Free yourself of the immense stress of needing to be ‘better’ than another. You are in competition with nobody but yourself, the person who you were yesterday, last week, last year.

Don’t compare yourself to others. We are each travelling on such unique paths in life, along the way creating the experiences that determine who we ultimately become.

We all have different talents, and unique ways of going on with our lives, and interesting ways of dressing and adorning our bodies. These differences are what make life beautiful. Interacting with each other and appreciating these qualities, that’s what makes a memory, a connection, a relationship.

The more the merrier. Teach one another.

2016 baby.

Don’t associate your victories or losses with anybody but yourself.

Instead, extend a helping hand to those who may benefit from your guidance. Celebrate those who have accomplished what you hope to–and learn from them.

Change is constant. Nothing stays the same for long, accept this and move more fluidly, in both mind and body.

Allow yourself to enjoy the uncomfortable moments, those disagreements and crossroads of opinion. Proceed with grace and hunger for knowledge in these moments. Look for what you can take away from the situation.

Be honest with yourself. Live your truths, unapologetic. Not everyone will like the decisions that you make, the way that you choose to play out your deck of cards, but that is OK. It’s OK. It’s OK.

It’s perfect, because you said so.

It’s yours.

That’s the only reinforcement that you need.

Artwork by Ambivalently Yours