Artist Spotlight: Maisie Cousins 

London-based artist Maisie Cousins is creating some beautiful things. 

As her site states, “Her approach to making art is hedonistic and self satisfying. She explores themes of power, femininity, nature, technology, the body and indulgence.” 

Some of her work below… 

Discover more via Instagram or Maisie’s official site. 

Lush Life

Romance is mush

Stifling those who strive

I’ll live a lush life, in some small dive

And there I’ll be, while I rot

With the rest of those whose lives are lonely,








if you show

someone the sun in your bones

and they reject you

you must remember.

they hurt themselves this very same way.






By Nayyirah Waheed

Her compilation of poetry, Salt, is a must-read.

Inspirational and thought-provoking.

You can also find Nayyirah Waheed on TwitterInstagram, & Tumblr.


Valfré: Artist Spotlight

I need to give a shout out to the talent at Valfré. Hey girl, hey! Love you!

Valfré is an LA based label that was founded by artist Ilse Valfré.

Bold and unapologetically tongue-in-cheek, Valfré has quickly become a global source for the creative and wild-at-heart.

Her art has evolved into an entire collection of unique and adorable cell phone cases, journals, clothing, jewelry & more

Keep up with Valfré on Instagram and Facebook.

ilse Valfré (@valfre) • Instagram
ilse Valfré (@valfre) • Instagram
ilse Valfré (@valfre) • Instagram
iPhone Cases, ilse Valfré (@valfre) • Instagram
ilse Valfré (@valfre) • Instagram
Man Tamer Choker in Pink, ilse Valfré (@valfre) • Instagram


Tei Shi – “Bassically”

Adoring this beauty’s music lately.

Brooklyn-based Tei Shi will be gracing the West Coast with her presence next month at both weekends of Coachella in Indio, as well as April 21 at the Shrine Expo Hall in Los Angeles.

Listen to more on Soundcloud.

Watch the music video for Bassically:

Don’t Tell Me You Love Me

Don’t tell me you love me. Not when we’re quiet and tangled in bed sheets, not in the shadow of a porch light, and not in a silent car on the highway.

I want you to scream it. I want you to shout it from the open windows of your second floor bedroom. I want you to yell it at random strangers at the street. I want you to write it on your heart like a tattoo, sharp and permanent.

I want the world to know, in all the ways—in the smile on your face, the skip in your step, the way your eyes brighten when I walk in the room, the way you drunkenly gush about me in the bar on a Friday night—all the louds and softs.

I want to fall into your love like a sigh, eyes closed, body relaxed, the absence of fear.
Don’t tell me you love me. But show me. In the way you reach for me, hold my hand, kiss me good morning, run your fingers across my back when I’m tired. In the way your body bends towards mine when we’re kissing, sleeping, laughing. In the way your eyes travel over my body, stare into my eyes. In the way you carefully pick through the layers of my mind.

I want to know your love naturally, inherently, embedded into every fiber and cell and ribbon of thought. I want to fall into your love like a sigh, eyes closed, body relaxed, the absence of fear. So please don’t tell me you love me, but yell it, scream it, embody it, become it.

I want to get lost in you.

Source: Don’t Tell Me You Love Me

Beautiful words by Marisa Donnelly.