The Things We Throw Away

I picked up a laptop case today, leaning against one of the trash cans in my apartment complex.

Stark white fabric, (still clean) & a brand-name.

It got me thinking about how it ended up there, deemed trash and discarded for a reason which was invisible to me.

People throw things away.

Different people, different things. Interesting how some things mean more to one person than another.

Value is relative.

What one is finished with, another can pick up and see in an entirely new light. Brand new to them, exciting, It’s easy to take for granted what we do have, to continually look past (or through) it, day after day.

Someone on the outside is looking in at that very same thing and wishing that they had it, or something like it.

It’s all part of the cycle, and fascinating to watch happen.

Interactions, items, moments in time, people.

Trash v. Treasure.

What do you mentally toss out or look past every day? I’m sure there are quite a few things that you would like to devote more time and energy towards. You should do that.


The way we throw it away, it’s very telling.



Artwork by VALFRE


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