Growth Happens in the Valleys

This life of mine. What do I want to make of it? How do I even begin?

??????????? ????? ??????????? ???? ???? ???????

???? ????????????? ??? ????????

Just another day in my quarter-life crisis. Is that a thing? Sure it is, if I say so… right? Seems fitting to keep the question mark to period ratio of this post leaning heavy on the unsure end, because that’s exactly what I am. Most of the time, lately.

They say that growth happens in the valleys, and I’m finding it true. Although I’m aimlessly wandering (in the so-called valley) at this point in my existence, pieces of the whole are rotating into place. I can feel it. With every new experience and new face… Good and bad alike.

I’ll take them as they come. Let’s be real, there’s no other option.

Floating through this life, learning every day.

I’ve never felt the way that I do in this moment. (Moment, being this undetermined amount of time in my recent existence in which I’m breathing in the air, walking the earth… has it been a month? Seven months? Two weeks? It’s kind of a mental blur at this point.)

I’ll figure it out.

One day.


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