THC Tenets: IL

Three weeks after the legalization of medical marijuana, the Illinois Department of Public Health has posted a draft of regulations online.

In order to gain the highly sought after medical marijuana license in Illinois, patients will need to be fingerprinted, undergo a background check and pay $150 yearly fee for a photo ID card.

A lengthy 48 pages, the cannabis regulations clarify exactly how the system is intended to play out. The department plans to open an informal public comment period before officially submitting the proposal to the state.

“We’re really excited about a really transparent process. It’s quite unprecedented for us to go through these steps,” Bob Morgan, coordinator of the state’s medical cannabis program, told the AP.

A nine-member advisory board was proposed to review petitions for adding medical conditions to the list approved for marijuana. The governor-appointed board would include a patient advocate and eight health professionals in the fields of neurology, pain management, cancer, psychiatry, infectious disease, family medicine, medical ethics and pharmacy.

Although the legalization is a step in the right direction, the IL laws regarding medicinal cannabis are among the strictest in the nation. Several mandatory, high-ticket fees will be associated not only with obtaining the medical marijuana registry ID card but also for the other requirements necessary to become involved in the process.

Additionally, there are detailed regulations dictating who can or cannot obtain a card, the latter including citizens with a concealed carry card and those who have been convicted of drug-related felonies.

State Officials expect a flood of applications once the process is set to begin. The state’s medical marijuana program website has already received more than 12,000 unique visitors and more than 2,000 people have signed up for email notifications about the program.


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